We create live advertising products that allow businesses to build long-term relationships with their audiences
The world is changing at the speed of light
New trends appear every day
The ability to see and use them in communication between people and brands is the main task of our agency
In 42://studio we break industry cliches by adopting flexible team paradigm
We treat every project as a unique opportunity that requires the right talent to be implemented by a highest standards
We carefully supervise the team for the tasks of each specific client
And today these tasks often go beyond the competence of old-school agencies
This is how we create your personal dream-team
And this is why you appreciate us :)
We work with professionals that you won’t find in regular agencies
Flexible teams
Specialists from all continents respond to our requests. There are no borders for us
Global teams
Organizing and conducting photo/video filming of any complexity - from reportage shooting to large-scale advertising campaigns.
Our skills
Development of mobile applications, landing pages and web platforms, setting up CRM platforms.
More than 20 years of experience of our specialists helps us look at your business problems from different angles and offer the most effective solution.
Closed small events and city-scale road shows, sampling, tastings and national promotional companies, entertainment activities and art objects.
We have experience working in different markets and regions, choosing the most effective promotion channels.
Flexible team concept allows us to assemble strong teams for each task.
Web & mobil & CRM integrations
Brand platform building, ADV strategy development
Creative & UI/UX & Design & 3D animation
Events & Promo & Interactive installations
Photo & Video production & special projects
Digital marketing Programmatic & Performance
Our solutions
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